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AgileBurn helps people who are looking for Scrum Master opportunities by working with select recruiters or hiring managers that want a quick placement.
(AgileBurn is U.S. only at this time)

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Better Information

You can provide your preferences to recruiters to get the jobs that fit.


Let recruiters know about your availability to interview. Recruiters can contact you immediately when a new opportunity arrives.

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Share your contact information when you are ready. Choose which agencies can contact you.

How it Works For Job Seeking Scrum Masters

Do you find recruiters sometimes don't seem to offer what you are looking for? AgileBurn lets you provide additional details upfront to get quality opportunities.

How Much?

Our candidate matching service is free to candidates.

How it Works
1. Update your Candidate Settings to make yourself visible to recruiters. We believe providing important information upfront will increase the odds of a good match.

We ask that you answer a few questions to help the recruiter know a little about you and your background. Also, your confidentiality matters. You choose the agencies that you want to work with and share your full name and contact information when you are ready.

2. Recruiters will contact you via AgileBurn's messaging if they spot a match.

3. You can reply with your contact information and a quick message to get conversations started.

In addition, you will receive an email once a week asking you to confirm your availability. If we don't hear from you after 3 weeks, we'll assume you found a new role and we'll remove you from our active candidate list. If that changes, just come back to AgileBurn any time!

Last, busy recruiters will be sharing job opportunities with the AgileBurn team. So, we might reach out to you on their behalf. If you like the opportunity, we'll connect you by sharing your information with the recruiter.

That's it! Happy searching!

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