Have questions about being a Scrum Master, job descriptions, or anything related to the Scrum Master role?

I'm here to help.

John Augustin

Scrum Master/ Agile Coach


Scrum Master Mentoring : $240 per month

I provide mentoring services through Mentorcruise.com. A four-week set of conversations helping you better understand the Scrum Master role, work through a growth challenge, or get advice.

View my MentorCruise profile for details and to book an introductory call.

Job Description Review : $110

Job description not working? Not finding candidates fast enough? Talk the situation through with a real Scrum Master. We'll provide a job description review to help attract the kind of Scrum Master you need. Includes up to 30 minutes of phone or zoom chat, an initial assessment and set of recommendations, and up to three revisions for the two week period. Email Q&A provided. Allow up to 2 days for email responses. All reschedules require a 24 hour notice.

Schedule a free 15 minute exploratory call today by contacting us at

Terms & Conditions

  • 14 day assessment periods begin at a date mutually agreed by both AgileBurn, LLC and the client
  • It is the client's responsibility to schedule and use consulting minutes.
  • Services rendered are based on the professional experience and suggestion of AgileBurn LLC, which is not liable for how the information (to include documents provided) are used by the client.
  • AgileBurn LLC is not responsible for how you use the advice or documents provided.
  • There are no refunds for any services rendered.
  • Read more about our Services Terms of Use

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