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"As a Scrum Master who's looked for contract or full-time jobs over the last few years, I've learned it's not easy to find one that fits. It's just as hard recommending a path for new Scrum Masters. "   -JOHN AUGUSTIN   (Scrum Master, AgileBurn Founder)

What if there was a place that tried to change that?

AgileBurn is brought to you by a group of Scrum Masters and Agile practitioners that want to positively change how a Scrum Master finds their next gig.

My Story

Seven years ago, I was lucky to be able to start an Agile team with my current employer at the time. Since then, I learned more about the Scrum Master role and what it's meant to be. Even 5 years in, I received feedback from a person I met on LinkedIn. The feedback was that I wasn't doing it right. I fondly look at that conversation as pivotal for me.

I believe that learning about this role is a journey with ups and downs. People have different understandings of its purpose. It can mean different things to different people depending on the circumstances. This has made job searching hard for all types of Scrum Masters.

My mission with AgileBurn is to help create new understandings of the role when it comes to Scrum Master job placement. Hopefully, my journey can make job seeking a little bit easier for the recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate.

AgileBurn.com is owned and operated by AgileBurn LLC based in Fort Mill, SC.

I hope you enjoy what AgileBurn offers and I am open to any feedback you may have.

Good luck with your journey! I'm here to help.

John Augustin
Scrum Master | Founder


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